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the touch of a button

It’s time for flexibility and smarter living with Somfy automation for indoor blinds and curtains.

Integrate with smart home systems

Maximise the functionality of your window coverings

Improve your home’s energy efficiency

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Experience uninterrupted style, entertaining and moments with an automated home from Somfy. Enhance your lifestyle with blinds, curtains, awnings, and more, all under your control at the touch of a button on your remote, your smartphone, or even using voice control!


Why get motorised blinds and curtains?

Quiet & discreet

Somfy’s world leading motors are fully concealed inside the tube of the blind. With the press of the a button enjoy the ambience and impress your guests.

Energy efficiency

Reduce your energy usage by controlling the amount of heat and light entering your home.

Improved safety

Loose cords and chains are a danger to young children. With Somfy automated blinds and curtains, the cords and chains are completely removed, providing peace of mind.

Ultimate convenience

With the simple touch of a button you can move your blind or curtain to whatever position you like. You can also add sensors and timers, for when you’re not at home.


A quick look at our process

Select your style

Get in touch with us to view our product brochure. Simply pick the product, fabric and style that suits your vision or ask our team of experts for advice.

Tailor to your space

Decide on the perfect size custom curtains, shutters, or blinds for your space. Need help? Take a look at our guides or book a free in-house consultation.

We get to work

Once you’ve nailed down the details of your custom curtains, blinds, or shutters, we get to work. Our mechanised production process ensures consistent quality and efficient delivery times.


Motorised blinds operate through an electric motor that is integrated into the blinds’ system. They can be controlled remotely using a wall switch, a handheld remote, or even through smart home automation systems, allowing you to raise, lower, or adjust the blinds with the touch of a button.

Maintenance for motorised blinds is generally straightforward. Regularly check for any obstructions or debris that may affect the blinds’ movement. Keep the motorised components clean and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for lubrication or specific maintenance requirements.

Motorised blinds offer increased convenience and efficiency. They can be programmed to open and close at specific times, providing enhanced security and energy efficiency. Additionally, motorised blinds eliminate the need for manual operation, making them ideal for hard-to-reach windows.

No, motorised blinds offer versatile control options. In addition to raising and lowering, they can often be adjusted to various positions, allowing you to control the amount of light entering the room or ensuring privacy while still enjoying a view.

Motorised blinds can be powered through various sources. Some models use batteries, providing a wireless and clean look without the need for visible cords or wires. Others may be hardwired into the electrical system, requiring professional installation but ensuring a continuous power supply.